The husband, the neighbor and the lover. What do these three people know about the disappearance of mother and her two children?

Felicita Perez's daughter Yessenia, granddaughter Thalia and grandson Michael Elijah have all been missing for years now -- though it's only partially a mystery.

Yessenia Suarez was 28 when she vanished, and by most accounts, was exactly where she wanted to be in life.

And though the kids' biological father was no longer in Yessenia's picture, there was someone else there, a man named Luis Toledo.

The day Yessenia Suarez and her two children went missing, Yessenia's husband Luis Toledo claimed he didn't know anything about the disappearance.

Later, Luis Toledo admitted to killing his wife in a fit of anger. But he said it was his neighbor, Tyshawn Jackson, who killed his stepchildren.

Four years after Yessenia and the kids vanished, it was time for a verdict. Luis Toledo was found guilty of first-degree murder and second-degree murder.

The jury decides against the death penalty, and the judge instead gives Luis Toledo three consecutive life sentences in prison.