'I had nightmares' after man demanded sex acts during kidnapping, woman says
Diana Cortez

via KRON

RAEFORD, N.C. -- (KRON) -- Police in North Carolina say they’ve arrested the man who hid in the back seat of a woman’s vehicle, then forced her to drive to a darkened area and tried to have her perform sexual acts on him.

Police have charged Paris Q. Shaw, 27, of the 2400 block of Haire Road near Shannon, is charged with breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, first-degree kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon, crimes against nature, misdemeanor larceny and resisting a public officer.

Police say he broke into a vehicle on Harris Avenue in Raeford on Dec. 20, then “laid in wait in the back seat.”

Diana Cortez says she went into a store on Harris Avenue after getting a call from her mom to pick up some cheese on the way home from work.

“Got out for five minutes only, and I forgot to lock my door because (I thought) maybe I’ll just go in and out. And, I did,” she recalled.

She got back in the car and began to drive away.

“He popped out. He said, ‘Drive. I have a gun’,” she said. “I got really frightened because, you know, you have seen so many movies. And, I got frightened because I was like, ‘Maybe this is the end for me.’”

He eventually had her pull over. When they stopped, he asked her to perform sexual acts on him.

“Once he turned his head towards the rear side, to the other side, to his right side, I took the risk and got out of the car and ran,” she said.

She said Shaw took off too with her wallet, iPhone X and the keys to her boyfriend’s car.

In the two months since that happened, she said she’s been worried it would happen again to her or someone else.

“To be honest, I was scared. I was scared to drive to work every day. I was scared to even go out at night. I had nightmares. I had to sleep with the lights on,” she said.

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