In Missouri, along the Mississippi River, ice can bring temperatures to a bone-chilling 15 degrees.

But Mother Nature has nothing on a cold-hearted criminal who once walked these shores.

Jacque Waller thought she escaped the violence. She left her abusive husband and found a new love. But little did she know, her past was about to catch up with her.

Investigators have scoured the home Clay Waller was living in, looking for any sign that he may have killed his still-missing wife.

Then suddenly they notice a hidden crawlspace. Would it hold any answers?

Investigators have a mountain of circumstantial evidence that Clay Waller made his estranged wife disappear.

But not enough to charge him.

Now after months of taunting police, Clay Waller is about to adopt a new strategy, one that no one saw coming.

Clay Waller had just made a deal to spare him life in prison: 20 years and he would lead investigators to his murdered wife Jacque.

However Waller had another secret up his sleeve -- one that turns the stomachs of just about everyone following the case.

The family of Jacque Waller is hoping her story helps someone else get out before it's too late.

While prosecutors ultimately got their man, Jacque's family could have been spared months of anguish if not for another death. Court documents say that just two days after Jacque's disappearance, Clay Waller confessed to the crime to his ailing father. But before prosecutors could get an official statement about what he told him that day, Waller's father died, making those details inadmissible in court.