Larry Nassar claimed he was 'the body whisperer' during police interview
Larry Nassar

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MICHIGAN -- (KTLA) -- Larry Nassar boasted that people called him “the body whisperer” because of his close connections with his patients, according to a 2014 police report.

“Most of the time my eyes are closed … Use the force, you feel it,” Nassar told a detective investigating him after a young woman said he sexually abused her. “It is a conceptual thing. It is you, the patient, and the spirit.”

Nassar’s comment came as part of a Michigan State University Police report looking into Amanda Thomashow’s claim that he sexually assaulted her in March 2014.

In the interview, Nassar defended his actions as a form of medical treatment; the investigation did not result in any criminal charges. A related Title IX investigation at Michigan State concluded that his methods were medically appropriate.

The police interview — part of documents obtained by CNN this week — partly illuminates how Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor and professor at Michigan State University, was able to sexually abuse young girls for more than two decades without being caught.

Far from the meek man in court these past few weeks, the Nassar in this interview was confident and boastful, suggesting at one point that he perform the procedure on a police officer to prove its value. “I was more in tune to the person’s body, that is what makes me the doctor that I am.”

A review of the police interview shows Nassar as master manipulator, at turns apologizing and criticizing himself for making a patient feel violated, even as he defended his procedures as purely medical and suggested that Thomashow was the real problem.

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