Oklahoma mother lies about being abused to scam donors
Jacee Cartwright

By Brent Skarky, KFOR

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- (KFOR) -- A Midwest City woman lied about being abused to scam metro residents out of thousands in cash and gifts.

In September, Jacee Cartwright used Facebook to contact people and ask them for food, clothes and supplies for her and her three children.

She said they were in a car fleeing an abusive marriage and they had nothing. A church group in Moore came to her aid, buying and taking up donations by the truckload and delivering them to the mother.

This went on for months. Then, Cartwright asked for rent money. That's when she was busted.

It turned out she was not abused; she made it everything up. She was taking the donations through one Facebook account and selling items on another.

"At first, I didn’t really believe it. I thought that there had to be some kind of explanation, but that’s just me so that’s when I started looking into it. I found out the profile I had been speaking to her on was a second profile," said scam victim Cidne Henry.

"Oooh ya know, I kinda feel used. You just want to help people, and it just sucks when your family has been used. We spent a lot of time, money and effort," said scam victim Angel Landry.

Cartwright does have three children, but they were never abused. She is now facing felony charges of obtaining money improperly through trick or deception. Since she used Facebook to do it, computer crimes act charges have also been filed in Midwest City.

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