A pile of mangled metal on the side of a highway. The result of car going more than 100 miles per hour, then slamming into a guard rail.

It all started with a terrible car accident in Pennsylvania, but police say that wreck was hiding a truly sinister secret, an explosive wreck.

And it didn't end there. You're about to hear the chilling evidence that turned a so-called accident into something far more heinous.

Going 115 miles per hour, Benjamin Klinger's car slammed into a highway guardrail. His girlfriend Samantha Heller was in the passenger seat. But this was no horrific accident -- the crash was intentional. And the most horrific part was still to come.

In court Benjamin Klinger admitted to killing his girlfriend, saying he deliberately crashed the car they were in -- then suffocated her as she lay injured on the side of the road.

Now in his first-ever interview Klinger is ready to tell his story to Crime Watch Daily from behind bars.