Woman arrested after leaving infant in car for over an hour
Sarah Wilmoth

via WPTV

VERO BEACH, Fla. -- (WPTV) -- A Vero Beach woman was arrested after leaving an infant unattended in a vehicle in excess of 45 minutes while she shopped inside Publix.

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, deputies were called to a Vero Beach Publix store in reference to an infant that had been left unattended.

Witnesses told deputies that they noticed the child in its car seat in the backseat of the vehicle when they parked next to it and upon returning to their vehicle from inside the store 45 minutes later, that the child was still occupying the vehicle, but at that time seemed to be crying hysterically.

Deputies say with the time it took to be dispatched to the call and the time it took to travel to the call, it can be determined that the child was left unattended in the vehicle in excess of an hour.

EMS was called to the scene and deputies entered the store to locate the owner of the vehicle.

Sarah Wilmoth was located and as she was brought to her vehicle. Upon seeing EMS giving care to the infant, deputies say Wilmoth screamed, "Oh my God! That's my son!"

When questioned about why she would leave her son in the car alone, she answered, "My cousin was in the car with my baby and I do not know where he ran off to and why he would leave my son alone."

Upon further questioning, deputies say Wilmoth admitted she was lying and that she left her child in the car alone because he was sleeping at the time. When asked how long she thought the child was left unattended in the vehicle, she stated, "I don't know but I know it was too long."

During her arrest, Wilmoth was searched and deputies found a small clear plastic baggy containing a clear rocky substance and a crack pipe with residual material within. Wilmoth stated that the substance was Methamphetamine laced with cocaine. The substance was sent to the crime lab for testing.

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