A lover's getaway was more like a clandestine mission. No luggage, no phones, a mystery location.

But one of the people supposedly going on that trip says he doesn't know anything about it.

In Marysville, Ohio a young mother named Patricia "Patti" Adkins told friends and family that she was sneaking away for a trip with her secret lover. But then she was never seen again.

Patti Adkins packs her overnight bag and then heads to the auto plant for her final shift before what she thinks will be a romantic vacation with a co-worker. She was last seen clocking out at 19 seconds after midnight on June 29, 2001.

Adkins rushes to the parking lot. She doesn't want anyone to see her drive off with her secret boyfriend on their way to Canada. She climbed into the bed of the man's pickup truck and hides underneath a roll-up cover.

The truck speeds away into the darkness of the midsummer night, and Adkins is never seen again.

Now her family is left to ask the horrifying questions, Did she vanish to start a new life? Or was she murdered?

The mystery of the missing single mom casts a dark cloud over Marysville, Ohio.

Anyone with information on Patti Adkin's disappearance is urged to contact the Union County, Ohio Sheriff's Office at (937) 645-4110, or you can submit a tip to Crime Watch Daily.