UPDATE Aug. 5, 2019:

Darrick Bell was arrested in a motel in Monroe. The feds say he had $12,000 cash, suspected cocaine and several cellphones. They tracked him as far away as Florida.

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Jan. 10, 2018:

His nickname is "Ghost." And that's exactly what he's been.

"They call him Ghost for a reason. The guy is rarely seen. He keeps a low profile," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia.

His real name is Darrick Bell.

The 48-year-old convicted killer was recently added to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement's list of most wanted fugitives.

"He's a pathetic pimp. The stuff he's doing to these young girls, they're somebody's daughter out there," said Deputy Garcia.

Agents say Bell was the mastermind behind one of most elaborate drug and human-trafficking operations ever in the city of Detroit. According to court documents, Bell stationed lookouts and armed enforcers throughout a hotel as he and his associates sold illegal drugs in some rooms.

"He made sure that his lieutenants working under him had the narcotics, the drugs to give down to these girls," said Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jeremy Forys.

In other rooms of the motel, prosecutors allege, Bell, with the help of the motel's manager known as "The Dragon Lady," forced women into prostitution, making them turn over 100 percent of their earnings.

"Eighty-plus girls, those are girls coming and going, some of them were able to escape that hotel, that life, but other girls were coming off the streets from Michigan Avenue," said Forys.

After months of undercover work, nearly 200 law enforcement personnel descended on the hotel.

"It's the worst scene you can imagine. Just girls high as you can imagine, passed out on the ground, shivering, freezing cold," said Forys.

Several arrests were made, but Bell, who also goes by the nickname "Tone," managed to escape.

Nine people in total, including Bell, were charged in the Victory Inn bust and face a number of serious felony charges including conspiracy, sex-trafficking by force, and distribution of drugs.

If convicted, some of them could face up to life in prison. They all have pleaded not guilty.

Now agents are asking for your help finding this armed and very dangerous fugitive. Darrick Bell is described as standing 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 195 pounds.

If you have information on Bell's whereabouts, contact the I.C.E. tip line at (866) DHS-2-ICE. There is a reward of $15,000 for information leading to Bell's arrest and conviction.