Man accused of conning women will face charges
Friend Rizkkhalil

via WJXT:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- (WJXT) -- A man accused of conning several women out of thousands of dollars could be returned from California to Jacksonville soon to face charges.

Friend Rizkkhalil, 50, was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday and faced an extradition hearing Friday. Prosecutors said he defrauded one Jacksonville woman, encouraging her to sell her Jacksonville home and stealing $59,000 of the proceeds. They said he also took $10,000 from her savings account.

Investigators said it's not uncommon for someone to believe the word of a charming person and not know they are being taken until its too late.

Last week, Fatemah Jahromi was in tears as she told News4Jax how the man conned her out of her life savings. She met him in August, and within months convinced her to sell her home, pack up all the things and move in with him.

Instead of the promised relationship, he drove off with everything she owned and the proceeds of the sale of her house. Hearing that authorities caught Rizkkhalil, who she knew as Fred Ramsey, the tears changed to joy.

"I was so happy I couldn’t talk. I got that message that they (caught) him and he’s in jail -- that he is arrested," Jahromi said.

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