Davis County 19-year-old arrested for abusing, killing 7-week-old son
Clint Corydon Nokes

By Ashton Edwards, KSTU

CLEARFIELD, Utah -- (KSTU) -- Clearfield Police have arrested a 19-year-old man for abusing his 7-week-old baby until he died from his injuries.

Police said Clint Corydon Nokes may now facing child abuse homicide charges.

Court documents state Clint told authorities he “was tired of the baby crying and he finally ‘exploded.'”

On Dec. 1, Nokes called 911 and told authorities his baby was not breathing.

When officers arrived at his home near 160 S. 1450 W., they found the unresponsive infant and he was rushed to the hospital.

Nokes said he was feeding the baby and when the baby wouldn’t burp, he noticed his son was not breathing.

He told police he called his girlfriend, the baby’s mother, told her something was wrong and then called 911.

Doctors determined the baby suffered a 10 cm skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, detached retinas, a broken rib, a broken leg and a broken arm.

The 2-month-old boy died from the abuse early Dec. 2.

According to court documents,

Clint stated he would “chuck” him on the couch or “chuck” him in his swing. Clint stated that he grabbed the baby by both his arms and pulled him out of the swing. Clint stated that he also pulled his leg and carried him by the leg from the living room and into the kitchen. Clint stated he did grab the baby, held him in front of him, started jumping up and down, and the baby’s head was going back and forth. Clint stated earlier in the week he had dropped the child in the kitchen sink and the baby struck his head.

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