N.C. teen accused of attacking girlfriend, decapitating puppy
Antonio Hollywood Campbell

via WGHP

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- (WGHP) -- A North Carolina teen is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and decapitating a dog, WTVD reports.

On Monday, deputies arrested 18-year-old Antonio Hollywood Campbell after his girlfriend, Jordan Stevens, told deputies she went to Cape Fear Hospital in Fayetteville last week with pains in her neck after Campbell allegedly choked her.

Stevens said she was at Campbell’s house when they started fighting.

The woman claims she got upset with with him, ran into his bedroom, and called her mother to come pick her up.

Stevens says Campbell started accusing her of talking to other men, took her cell phone, pushed her face down into his bed, sat on her, and placed his hands on her neck — choking her.

Stevens added that about three weeks ago, she was at Campbell’s home when he became upset and said, “Well, if you ain’t gonna be with me, then I am going to kill the dog.”

He allegedly tied a leash around the neck of the puppy and began to spin the dog around in the air by the leash. Deputies say tied the leash to the back of a vehicle and drove several feet, dragging the puppy behind.

Campbell then allegedly placed the puppy between two cinder blocks so it couldn’t move and decapitated the puppy with a hatchet.

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