It's the real-life salacious soap opera that had people talking and headlines blaring, featuring the dashing millionaire, his cheating wife, and starring the handsome electrician Danny Pelosi, who cops say had 80 million reasons to murder.

But the loud-mouthed loverboy swears he's not the hit man -- he's the fall guy.

And now Crime Watch Daily is breaking news with the jailhouse snitch who helped put Pelosi behind bars. He's flipping the script, saying that he lied, and Danny Pelosi's been telling the truth.

The Hamptons: The posh playground of the super famous and filthy rich. It's been the backdrop of scandals, sure -- but murder? Hardly ever.

That's one of the reasons Ted and Generosa Ammon bought a seven-bedroom mansion on 59 Middle Lane.

"They were making a lot of money, they bought beautiful homes together," said Joanne Matheson, the couple's housekeeper and close confidant.

To their neighbors, the Ammons lived a fairy-tale life. Ted was a dapper Wall Street dealmaker who had amassed an $80-million fortune. His wife Generosa was the striking artist who raised the twins they adopted from the Ukraine.

"Generosa's relationship with Ted at the beginning was really good. They loved each other," said Matheson.

Five homes, a fleet of luxury cars, private nannies, cash to burn. But Joanne Matheson says all that money couldn't buy happiness.

"Then everything fell apart," Matheson tells Crime Watch Daily.

Matheson says Generosa's bad temper and mood swings begin to take a toll on the marriage.

"She was hard to get along with. She either liked you or she didn't," said Matheson.

Generosa begins spending more time in the city. Ted opts to stay in the Hamptons. But it turns out he wasn't alone.

"As the marriage was going on she felt that he was cheating on her. She was right. He was cheating on her," said Matheson.

And Generosa blows a gasket when she hears rumors that Ted is not only having an affair with a wealthy socialite -- but he got his mistress pregnant.

"When she found out she felt she was a laughingstock because everyone, all of her friends in Manhattan knew," said Retired NYPD Detective Jay Salpeter. "She was the last to know."

Matheson says Generosa was beyond humiliated.

"She was angry at Ted," said Matheson. "She threw all Ted's clothes out the window, his desk out the window, lit a bonfire and burned everything."

She claims Generosa even began threatening Ted.

"She would say all the time that she wanted Ted dead, she was going to kill him," said Joanne Matheson. "Because she couldn't take the embarrassment."

Generosa Ammon immediately files for what will become the hallmark of divorces from hell.

"She was the type of person if you did something to her, you know, to this extreme, you were going to pay the price," said Matheson.

Generosa didn't just want to hit Ted in the wallet, Generosa wanted to nail him below the belt. And a handsome contractor named Danny Pelosi was just the kind of hammer she needed.

"You need to understand that Danny was deeply in love with Generosa. He loved her with all his heart body and soul," Dominick Scalise, Pelosi's therapist, tells Crime Watch Daily.

Pelosi was the exact opposite of Ted Ammon: a tough-talking ex-convict who was working as an electrician on one of the Ammons' homes.

"One thing led to the next and before you knew it they were into a full-blown affair," said Joanne Matheson.

"I'd characterize [Daniel Pelosi] as a very street-type person," said Scalise. "He was a hustler, yes. Drinking problem, yes, definitely."

Dominick Scalise is a clinical social worker who counseled Pelosi while he was serving time for one of three DWI convictions.

"He's not a great guy. I wouldn't want him to go out with my daughter," said Scalise. "He's not that kind of guy. He's a wheeler and a dealer, that's all Danny is."

Danny Pelosi didn't have to worry about drinking and driving any more. The high school dropout was soon being chauffeured around New York City wearing $5,000 designer suits and living large at the ritzy Stanhope Hotel with Generosa and the twins in a $1,500-per-night suite.

"He spent money like a drunken sailor," said Scalise. "But it was Generosa's money, yes, it was Generosa's money."

As the Ammons' "War of the Roses" escalates, Generosa suddenly becomes paranoid that Ted is trying to cut her out of their family fortune.

"She just went berserk because she just couldn't handle something like that," said Joanne Matheson.

So Generosa asks Danny Pelosi to help her install an elaborate security system in their Hamptons estate: Nine cameras hidden throughout the house will allow them to secretly spy on Ted from any computer in any city.

"She had in her head that he was stealing all their money," said Matheson.

At one divorce hearing, Ted offers up a measly $10 million to his bitter bride. Pelosi tells Generosa to take it and run. But she holds out for $25 million, and to everyone's surprise, Ted Ammon says yes. But before Ted and Generosa can officially ink the deal, Ted is found dead just two days later, lying naked, brutally bludgeoned to death in the master bedroom of 59 Middle Lane.

Back in New York City, Generosa gets the horrifying news -- and she's not exactly heartbroken.

"She said he got what he deserved, and she said it to Danny, she said it to everybody. 'He got what he deserved.' She was cold about it," said Matheson.

Cops don't find any signs of forced entry. There's no DNA. The other thing they don't find is the hidden security system.

The fairy tale marriage of millionaires Ted and Generosa Ammon will have no happy ending.

On October 20, 2001, Ted Ammon was found naked and savagely pummeled in the master bedroom of the couple's home in the Hamptons. A fatal blow crushed his skull.

"There were no weapons. There was no eyewitnesses, there was nothing," said Joanne Matheson, the couple's housekeeper.

Who really killed Ted Ammon in the master bedroom, and what was the murder weapon? The answer is on secret surveillance video that cops would never see.

"The camera showed the faces of the people at Ted's bedroom, which is where he was found," said Daniel Pelosi's attorney Jim Reddy.

Civil attorney James Reddy says that missing security footage could answer the burning question of who did it.

"There were only a handful of people who even knew of its existence," said Reddy.

One of those people is the grieving widow. But when she tells her trusted housekeeper about the murder, Joanne claims Generosa didn't shed a single tear.

It turns out Ted's not-so-weepy widow was about to get an $80-million gift from the grave.

"He didn't do one of the first things anyone going through a divorce should do, which is change their will," said Reddy.

Ted's death was a financial windfall for Generosa, enough to keep her and her cocky loverboy in the lap of luxury.

But a dark cloud of suspicion was now brewing over the Hamptons.

"Everybody that I knew, people in Manhattan, people I worked for, Ted's friends, they all said, they all pointed the finger to Generosa," said Matheson.

But every blaring headline points the finger straight at her tough-guy ex-con boyfriend Danny Pelosi.

"The problem is that the way he speaks, with the 'dem,' 'dese,' 'dose' type of inflection makes people seem like he's like a thug," said Reddy.

But Pelosi's attorney claims his client has an ironclad alibi.

"Cellphone records completely show where he was on the night of the murder," said Reddy.

And Reddy says at the time of the murder Pelosi was nowhere near 59 Middle Lane. Cell towers track Pelosi's phone traveling from Manhattan out to his family home on Long Island. That's an hour and a half away from the murder scene.

"There are no cellphone records showing that he was in East Hampton," said Reddy.

Then, the next day, there's video of Pelosi attending a family wedding. If you look closely, there's not a visible mark on him. But cops say Ted fought for his life, and his hands were full of defensive bruises. So if Pelosi wasn't in the Hamptons, who murdered Ted?

"The question I have is 'Well where was the cellphone records of Generosa Ammon for that night and what did they show?'" said Reddy.

Cops weren't releasing that evidence. But just three months after Ted's brutal fatal beating, there was a surprise announcement: Generosa and Daniel Pelosi secretly tied the knot. That left many people wondering whether it was for love, or something far more devious -- silence.

The newlyweds now had spousal privilege, meaning Generosa and Danny could not be forced to testify against each other, until death do they part.

That would be sooner than anyone thought. Generosa was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and given just months to live.

"Generosa was getting really sick with the breast cancer," said Joanne Matheson. "She was basically out of it. She was so drugged up."

Her illness soon poisons the marriage. Matheson says they fought constantly over money.

"I saw her, you know, numerous times, angry, yelling at the children, fighting with Danny, fighting with lawyers," Matheson tells Crime Watch Daily.

Matheson even secretly recorded a sickly Generosa talking about leaving Pelosi.

"My feeling is that things have heated up here to a ridiculous degree and I'm really wondering if I should move out with the kids. I'm sick, as we all know."

"It got a little rough towards the end, the relationship," said Matheson.

Despite their problems, on her deathbed, Generosa changes her will, leaving Daniel Pelosi $2 million. Some believe it was hush money to keep Pelosi from telling what he saw on those surveillance tapes.

"I feel as if Danny has suffered an injustice. I believe that Danny was set up," said Dominick Scalise, Pelosi's therapist.

Before you make up your mind about Danny Pelosi, his longtime therapist Dominick Scalise wants you to hear his story. He listened in on a conversation Pelosi had with Generosa.

"He put it on speaker phone and she told him at one point, 'You know you didn't do it, I know you didn't do it, and I know I did it,'" said Scalise. "I definitely did take that as a confession on Generosa's part, I did. I was in total shock. I said to Danny, 'What the hell is that all about? Are you kidding me? She just admitted on the phone that she's the one that had her husband killed.'

"Danny says 'It'll all work out, you know, she's dying of cancer, I don't want to put her through this,'" said Scalise.

Crime Watch Daily has never heard any recording to corroborate claims that Generosa admitted to being involved in Ted Ammon's murder.

But Generosa's trusted housekeeper Joanne Matheson claims she also heard an eerily similar conversation.

"I heard her saying to Danny: 'You're not going to get blamed for this, I'll take care of you. I'll make sure that nothing happens to you.' She said 'I know what I did,'" said Matheson.

Matheson claims the tough-talking hardhat was no hustler. He really was a loving husband willing to take the fall for his dying wife.

"Everybody knew that Generosa did this, but everybody protected her. Especially Danny, he protected her, he had no choice," said Matheson.

"It didn't occur to him that he was hurting himself because he knew he was not physically present," said James Reddy.

But cops aren't buying the protective-husband defense. Seven months after Generosa dies, they arrest Danny Pelosi and charge him with murder.

"He was the last man standing. As between Generosa and Danny, when Generosa died they set their sights on him," said Reddy.

But cops claim Danny Pelosi confessed to a jailhouse snitch and several other people.

Daniel Pelosi sits down with Crime Watch Daily and reveals what he says really happened on Middle Lane.

It's the burning question to one of the most salacious murder mysteries ever: Is Danny Pelosi the hit man, or the fall guy?

And now the one person who can answer it tells Crime Watch Daily that he's ready to come clean.

"I will take a lie-detector test, go get your machine," said Daniel Pelosi tells Crime Watch Daily. "Ask me any of them questions, strap me up right now."

We tried to take Pelosi up on his offer, but the prison would not allow us to bring in a polygraph.

In your opinion as a counselor, was Danny Pelosi capable of murder?

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt he was not capable of murder ever," said Dominick Scalise.

But the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office claims it was Pelosi who went to the Ammons' house in the Hamptons and bashed Ted's skull in, and then got rid of the security system he helped Generosa secretly install.

Retired NYPD Detective Jay Salpeter is now Danny Pelosi's private investigator. He says there was no murder weapon found, no fingerprints nor any DNA.

But the prosecution had something more powerful than forensic evidence: witnesses. Pelosi's ex-girlfriend and the Ammons' private nanny both testify they overheard Danny confess to killing Ted.

But perhaps the most damning testimony came from Clayton Moultrie, a known prison snitch.

"Clayton Moultrie was in the holding prison of Suffolk County also waiting trial and sentencing for his crime, and they wired Clayton Moultrie to record Danny Pelosi," said Salpeter.

During the trial the prosecution laid out stacks of audio tapes, claiming they contained hours of Pelosi bragging about murdering Ted. But instead of playing the tapes, they put Moultrie on the stand.

"Clayton Moultrie testified at the trial that Danny Pelosi admitted killing Ted Ammon," said Jay Salpeter. But the tapes stacked on the prosecutor's table were not played at trial.

Do you think there was actually a recording of Danny Pelosi confessing to the murder?

"No," said Salpeter.

Moultrie's testimony and the testimony of other witnesses claiming Pelosi confessed to the murder was enough for a jury to convict him of second-degree murder. Daniel Pelosi was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Pelosi has been locked up in Attica Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in upstate New York, for more than a decade. He agreed to give Crime Watch Daily an exclusive interview providing details he says will prove his innocence.

Pelosi is a shadow of the man he once was. His $5,000 Armani suits have been replaced with prison-issued polyester. He's also a grandfather.

"That's what I walked away from," said Pelosi.

But there is one thing about Danny Pelosi that hasn't changed: his story.

Did you kill Ted Ammon?

"No, I did not kill Ted Ammon. I will take a lie-detector test, go get your machine," said Pelosi. "Ask me any of them questions, strap me up right now. I got nothing to hide, I never had nothing to hide."

Were you covering up to protect Generosa?

"One-hundred-and-fifty-percent yes."

Why would Generosa want her husband dead?

"OK. This is going to take about 15 minutes. You ready?"

The condensed version is darker than anyone imagined, and Pelosi says he's never revealed the depths of it -- until now.

"Well guess what? Ted Ammon was touching his children. I've never made that public," Daniel Pelosi tells Crime Watch Daily.

Generosa was of the belief that Ted was inappropriately touching the children?

"Ted was touching the children," said Pelosi.

"I have no interest in speaking with him. He's in jail and should be in jail," said Greg Ammon.

The Ammon children, Alexa and Greg, now adults, have vehemently denied the accusations. At the premiere of a film about their family, titled 59 Middle Lane, they blasted Pelosi while talking to "Extra."

What did you think of his allegations that your mother set up a hit man?

"He's a pure psychopath, so anything that he says is just can't believe. Again, our mother will always be our mother," said Greg Ammon.

"And she's gone now and we want to preserve the wonderful memories that we do have of her," said Alexa Ammon.

But Pelosi tells Crime Watch Daily that Generosa continued to believe the children were being molested. And he claims that's why she walked over to Danny's construction site and put a bounty on her then-husband's head.

"Generosa screams 'I'll give anybody here $50,000 to beat the [----] out of my husband.' My jaw hit the floor," said Pelosi.

Pelosi says one person eagerly stepped up, and it wasn't him. Daniel Pelosi says it was Chris Parrino.

How did you know Chris Parrino?

"He worked for me, I was his boss. He was a 'Soprano' wannabe who had more stories than anybody," said Pelosi.

Pelosi says Parrino hired two other tough guys to drive out to the Hamptons and help rough up Ted.

"I was under the inference that Generosa paid the guys to go 'tune him up' -- throw him a beating," said Pelosi. "To bust his hand, bust his finger and let him know if you ever touch them kids again, you'll kill him."

Danny Pelosi tells us that he wasn't even there. He was an hour and half away at a family wedding. Danny claims he watched the whole "tune up" unfold on his laptop using that high-tech secret security system he installed.

"When Ted Ammon answered his door, the one man grabbed Ted Ammon by the throat, just as my fingers are, and pushed him up against the wall like that," said Pelosi. "He had a gun in his left hand, held him up and threw him to the floor."

And then Pelosi says he gets the surprise of his life -- there on the security tape was Generosa.

"Generosa walks through, she picks up the tennis racquet. All I seen was her go into the bedroom," said Pelosi. "She started yelling at Ted, and Ted said something, and she lost her temper and told Chris to shut him up, and Chris smacked him in the head. And you never see Ammon exit the bedroom again after that."

What did Generosa say when you confronted her?

"'Ted got exactly what he deserved,'" said Pelosi.

Pelosi tells us he didn't even get to the Hamptons house until two days later. First thing he did was remove the secret security system to protect Generosa.

What did you do with this video evidence?

"The actual unit that was removed was thrown into a creek on Shore Road in Lindenhurst," said Pelosi.

Dozens of divers have searched for it but it's never been found.

It doesn't make sense to a lot of people that if you had some evidence that would exonerate you that you would throw it into a creek.

"Honestly, I'm not an angel in this. I really ain't," said Pelosi. "Did I cover up for Generosa? Yep. Did I lie for Generosa? Yep. Did I throw that stupid thing in the water? Yep. Did I protect her to the end? Absolutely."

Why did you protect Generosa?

"Because I loved her," said Pelosi. "I was in love with her."

Daniel Pelosi claims he was railroaded -- not by Generosa. He says the Suffolk County prosecutor had it out for him.

Why would she go after you?

"Because I'm the perfect guy. What am I doing, Danny Pelosi doing, with this multimillionaire gazillionaire woman?" said Pelosi.

And remember that snitch, Clayton Moultrie, who was the prosecution's key witness: Now he's changing his story, claiming he was threatened to frame Pelosi, or else.

"They already told me if I don't do this they are going to arrest my wife. I'm like, I can't allow that to happen. So I got up there and lied about some things," Clayton Moultrie tells Crime Watch Daily.

Moultrie has reportedly said the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office offered him $25,000, a job and a get-out-of-jail card for three robbery charges if he would lie on the stand.

"So I got up there and like I said, I said some things that wasn't nowhere near the truth," said Clayton Moultrie. "The man has never told me that he killed somebody."

Crime Watch Daily has not been able to verify Moultrie's claims. But now he's the one feeling guilty about his testimony.

"He's innocent and if I had anything to do with him being convicted, you know, I will want to do everything in my power to make sure that the truth is out there," Moultrie tells Crime Watch Daily.

Crime Watch Daily reached out to the Suffolk County D.A.'s Office about these outrageous claims. They never returned our calls.

But if Moultrie is telling the truth now and Pelosi never confessed to the murder, who killed Ted Ammon? Danny says it was Chris Parrino. Parrino denies it, but did confess to being at the house the night of the murder, and eventually pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution. Parrino was never charged in the murder and says it was Danny Pelosi who bludgeoned Ted Ammon to death.

"Here, I'll give you the challenge of the year: I will give every dime I get when I get out of here to Chris Parrino and his family if he sits down and gets strapped up to a lie detector and answers one question: 'Did you murder Ted Ammon? Did Danny Pelosi murder Ted Ammon?'"

With that kind of allegation, we had to try to get Chris Parrino's side of the story. Parrino now lives in a gated community in Apollo Beach, Florida looking for answers. We made several attempts to get Parrino on the phone. Finally we got a call back, but it was from Parrino's attorney, who told us Chris Parrino has never done an interview, and he's not interested in talking to Crime Watch Daily.

For now Danny Pelosi remains behind bars, but he pledges to keep fighting for what he says is the truth.

"I'm Catholic, I'm not burning in hell for killing anybody. And I know, yeah, I'm a sinner, I was, I was definitely, definitely adulterous, that I got to answer for when I go up there, but I'm not a murderer," Pelosi said.

Hoping to finally put this tragic story behind them, Ted Ammon's twins finally put the 7,000-square-foot home where their father was killed up for sale this year. The asking price was just under $11 million.