'Our little secret': Virginia mom sexually assaulted during massage
WGN - "She said massages were her escape and chance to recharge, but one Sunday trip for a massage changed her whole perspective ."

via WGN:

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- (WGN) -- Receiving a massage from a licensed massage therapist is supposed to be a relaxing experience. However, for one Virginia mother, her relaxing experience quickly turned to a nightmare.

Danielle Dick is speaking out for the first time about the day she was sexually assaulted by a therapist at a Henrico Massage Envy in fall of 2015.

“For a long time, I changed the way I went to the grocery store and I changed all my errands so that I wouldn’t have to drive by it, but it is virtually impossible not to drive by a Massage Envy, they are all over the place,” Danielle told WTVR.

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