UPDATE September 5, 2018:

Andre Neverson was arrested in Connecticut around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, WPIX reports.

November 2, 2017:

Andre Neverson is a charming Casanova who had a way with the women. But cops say now he's one of America's top 15 most-wanted fugitives as a mighty smooth cold-blooded lady-killer.

"He could turn on a dime and just take somebody out," said U.S. Marshal Bill Costa.

Andre Neverson grew up along the white sandy beaches of the island of Trinidad, until his family moved to Crown Heights, a working-class section of Brooklyn, New York -- a world not quite flashy enough for Andre Neverson.

"He wanted to have houses, cars, luxury cars, BMWs," said Costa.

Neverson was a charismatic player who kept a stable of girlfriends.

"He had many children with different women," said Costa.

But in his heart, none of Neverson's many girlfriends held a candle to his devoted sister Patricia.

"She helped everybody and still did things for us. It was almost like she was two people in one," said Patricia's son Akim Neverson.

What about Akim's mom's relationship with Andre?

"She did everything for him too," said Akim.

With a loan from her brother Andre, Patricia realized her own American Dream, buying a $370,000 brick row house on a quiet street in Brooklyn.

"He was actually one of my favorite uncles. I mean ever since I was born he was always there," Akim tells Crime Watch Daily.

But it turns out Andre Neverson also had a dark side.

"He exhibited a lot of violent tendencies," said retired NYPD Detective Edward Murray.

One night he had an argument with his then-girlfriend, and when her family member intervened, Neverson reacted by pumping six bullets into his body.

"The uncle lived, but Neverson was ultimately convicted of assault and he went to jail in New York State Corrections, and he served five years," said Murray.

Every single weekend for five years, Patricia drove six hours round-trip to visit her brother in jail.

"She's sending money for your books and bringing you groceries when she comes," said Akim.

"And many of his girlfriends came to visit him. And Patricia was able to coordinate the schedule," said Murray.

After serving his time, Neverson was deported to Trinidad, but within a year he wormed his way back to New York.

"He secured somehow a Jamaican passport and he was able to get back into this country through Canada," said Murray.

Back on U.S. soil, Andre moved in with his loving sister Patricia. But the dazzle he once held in her eyes had dulled.

"She kind of didn't have that for five years," said Akim. "She had to learn how to do things on her own."

And with that independence came tensions between the two, all stemming from that loan Andre gave to his sister to buy the house.

"The deed was in his sister's name and he was very, very angry about that for years," said Murray.

Patricia was diligently paying it back. But Andre didn't want the money. He wanted the deed.

"In his mind I think he looked at that house as his road to success, how he could use that equity to grow that into a real estate mogul," said Bill Costa.

And as he worked on ways to wrest control of the house, he worked his charms on a pretty young nursing student named Donna Davis.

"I am very, very proud of my daughter," said Clyde Davis.

Donna's dad Clyde was very protective of his only daughter. So when Andre Neverson came around, he was not pleased.

"To be truthful, I really didn't care for Andre," said Davis.

But as Andre and Donna's relationship was heating up, tensions between Andre and his sister were about to boil over.

"It just escalated things and they got into an argument where there was no turning back," said Ed Murray.

On a steamy July 2002 evening in Brooklyn, Andre makes a chilling phone call to his father.

"Andre told them that he had killed his sister," said Murray.

Andre's dad calls 911 and rushes to the house to find his daughter in a pool of blood.

Cops say after coldly gunning down his sister, Andre flees the house, straight into the arms of the other loving woman in his life.

"That's when he got into an argument with Donna Davis in the car," said Murray.

When Donna, a promising young nursing student, didn't turn up at home that evening, her parents grew concerned.

"My wife, she said, 'Clyde, Donna should be here already,'" said Davis.

Worried, Donna's mother calls the precinct to report her daughter missing. The Davis family knew nothing about Patricia's murder. But that would soon change.

"The parents had heard something had happened to Andre's sister, and putting two and two together, there was obvious concern," said Murray.

It wasn't long after Donna Davis went missing when a man walking his dog around 1 in the afternoon came across a body. It was Donna Davis' body, callously abandoned in a vacant lot, killed by a single gunshot to the head.

"And what hurt me most of all, a dog found the body," said Clyde Davis.

Cops say Andre's motive to viciously gun down his sister was over the house. But what could be behind the senseless murder of his girlfriend?

"Emotions got involved and unfortunately Donna was there at a bad time," said Ed Murray.

U.S. Marshals scour the Tri-State Area, but soon the trail goes ice cold.

Then a possible break. Several months later someone spots the alleged serial killer right on his home turf, in Brooklyn.

"He had broken into one of his girlfriend's apartments 'cause he wanted to see his children, and then there was a dispute there," said Bill Costa. "A 911 call went out and then the hunt for him took a jump start again."

Much to the frustration of police, the cunning criminal slips through their fingers again.

Then years passed with nothing. Until another break lights up investigators' phones. A tipster spots him in Jamaica -- the Caribbean island, not the Queens neighborhood.

"We had a team of marshals that went there. He was actually detained," said Costa.

But once again, Neverson slipped out of the clutches of authorities, and hasn't been located since.

Andre Neverson is now 53 years old, and he's one of the top 15 most wanted in America, with a $25,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

"He's a dangerous man," said Murray.

And the feds want nothing more than to catch him. They're enlisting the help of Crime Watch Daily, hoping to generate an avalanche of tips that could finally put Andre Neverson behind bars.

Patricia's son Akim now works as a corrections officer. He says he's confident that one day his mother's killer -- his own uncle -- will be brought to justice.

"I think it's one of those moments is when he'll slip up," said Akim Neverson.

Andre Neverson is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you've seen him or know where he might be, you are asked to contact the U.S. Marshals Service at (800) 336-0102. Or you can submit a tip at Crime Watch Daily.