Puppy found stuffed inside backpack, left in bed of random truck

via KRON

TAMPA, Fla. -- (KRON) -- A puppy was found stuffed inside a bag and left in the bed of a random truck. This story leaves many wondering who could be so cruel to an animal.

The story involves a backpack, a puppy and a U.S. Air Force veteran. Thankfully, it all adds up to a happy ending for a little dog now named “Zeus.”

Jerry Murray got home from work and spotted something he never expected to see in the bed of his truck.

“I’m standing here like this and I hear a noise and I look in the back and we meet eyes,” he told News Channel 8.

The big, blue eyes of a grey and white puppy looked up at him from inside a New York Yankees backpack filled with shredded newspaper.

“He’s in there, he’s panting, and I see him and I’m like ‘what am I going to do?’” said Murray.

Being a dog owner himself, Murray immediately gave the canine lots of compassion.

“I gave him some water, gave him some food and let him relax a little bit, ’cause I’m sure he was traumatized from the ride,” he said.

But with three dogs of his own, this veteran knew a fourth would be a bit too much. That’s when his wife called the Second Chance Friends Rescue Group in Plant City.

“He could have died in that backpack,” said founder Bill Grey.

While he’s happy to help rescue little Zeus, it’s the ones he can’t that give him nightmares.

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