Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea Swift, gives emotional testimony
Andrea Swift

By Michael Konopasek, KDVR

DENVER -- (KDVR) -- Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea Swift, fought back tears Wednesday as she recalled the night she said her famous daughter was groped by former KYGO radio host David Mueller.

"I knew exactly what happened," Andrea Swift said under oath. "I heard it from my daughter's mouth. [Mueller] sexually assaulted her. ... [Taylor] was really shaken, humiliated, horribly embarrassed because he grabbed her bare a--."

Mueller finished his testimony Wednesday morning. He said he was fired based on a false sexual assault allegation made by Taylor Swift and her team.

A handful of people, some traveling from out of state, were allowed inside the courtroom to watch the drama play out.

"We drove eight hours from Utah -- straight -- didn't get any sleep tonight," one Swift fan said.

Mueller insists the only physical contact he had with Taylor Swift was a "jostling of hands" and touching her ribs during a photo opportunity.

He said he wants to clear his name. Swift's team reminded the court, again, it was Mueller who filed a public civil lawsuit against Swift -- turning the case into international news.

Swift is countersuing for assault and battery.

Swift's lawyer said witnesses described Mueller as being drunk at the time of the groping and that a security guard saw the assault.

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