Man describes girlfriend's drinking habits at fatal crash hearing
Alexandria Bayne

By Jaime Chambers, KSWB

SAN DIEGO -- (KSWB) -- Several witnesses testified Tuesday and discussed the drinking habits of a woman accused of causing a wrong-way collision in 4S Ranch that killed a mother of a 4-year-old child.

Prosecutors allege 34-year-old Alexandria Bayne's blood-alcohol level was .33 percent -- more than four times the legal limit -- when she drove on the wrong side of Camino Del Norte near Camino San Bernardino and crashed her vehicle head-on into a Toyota Corolla.

The 38-year-old driver, Sarita Shakya, died at the scene of the Dec. 17 crash, which occurred about 11:45 p.m.

Bayne's estranged husband testified that Bayne had previous DUIs. Her current boyfriend said those offenses didn't slow down her drinking.

"A couple beers a day," he said in court.

Prosecutors interviewed Bayne's children. Detectives said she was not trying to hide her nightly drinking habits from anyone.

"She said that her mother drinks daily, as she described her alcohol consumption as 'a lot,'" a detective said in court.

Investigators said Bayne, who was forced to go to Alcoholics Anonymous and Mothers Against Drunk Driving classes, has already been given two chances.

"She frequently, when she goes to bed, takes either a glass or even a bottle of wine into the room with her," the detective added.

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