4 employees fired following daycare hot van death
Christopher Gardner Jr.

By Ellen Lampe, KLRT

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -- (KLRT) -- Four employees have been terminated after a child was left in a hot day care van all day Monday at Ascent Children's Health Services and died.

The victim, Christopher Gardner Jr., was five years old and had special needs.

The CEO of Ascent Children's Health Services, Dan Sullivan, admitted Wednesday that some of his staff didn't follow protocol and that those members have been let go. He added that Ascent is fully cooperating in the investigation, and he also offered to pay for Gardner's funeral expenses.

Sullivan's full statement reads:

"Our clinic director and I have been in contact with Christopher's mother to express our deepest sympathy. I met with his mother, grandmother, and other family members today to personally share how sorry I am and offered our assistance in covering funeral expenses.

I also shared with the family that we know our staff did not follow company policies and procedures, and if they had, this tragedy would not have occurred. We have terminated four employees, and will continue to work with law enforcement and state agencies in this investigation.

We will continue to reach out to the family to see how we can be of assistance during this difficult time."

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