State Police detective describes discovery of Bella Bond's body
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"MA State police detective holds up the little pants that were on #BabyDoe when body was discovered" - @HagerWBZ / Twitter

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BOSTON -- (WBZ) -- A State Police detective took the stand Monday morning in the trial of Michael McCarthy, the man accused of killing 2-year-old Bella Bond.

In testimony Monday afternoon, Herman read excerpts from books on the origins of the devil and exorcism. Those books were found in McCarthy’s home. Prosecutors said in their opening statements that McCarthy called the child a demon and threatened to kill her mother, Rachelle Bond.

Herman told the court Monday morning that he was called to the Deer Island beach and, “Saw a bag with a blanket, then hands, and little feet.”

Speaking to the court, the detective identified the pants found on Bella’s body and said he later found the matching the top at the house where she lived with McCarthy.

He also identified the zebra blanket in the bag with the body.

Then he identified the quilted blanket that was also in the bag.

That bag was found on the beach at Deer Island at high tide, double-bagged, and tightly knotted at the top.

Jurors were also shown graphic photos of Bella’s body, which Herman says was in an advanced state of decay by the time the bag with the body washed ashore on Deer Island.

“I would describe the state of the body in advanced stages of decomposition and there was also some skin slippage, significantly, indicating the body had spent some time in the water,” Herman said.

The detective also identified the weight that was found on the beach with the duffel bag at the spot where the toddler’s body was dumped into the water.

Police also say that a digitally generated photo of the toddler has been viewed on the internet over 50 million times. Those views led to over 300 leads in the case.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case this week.

On Friday, Bella’s biological father Joe Amoroso wrapped up his testimony.

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