Man throws cast iron frying pan at mother's head after board game fight
Kurtis Strong, Venus Vanessa Camacho

via WGNO

WASHINGTON PARISH, La. -- (WGNO) -- A family board game turned violent when a man hit his mother in the head with a frying pan.

According to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, 38-year-old Kurtis Strong was playing a board game with his mother and his girlfriend, 38-year-old Venus Vanessa Camacho, on May 30, when the two women began to argue.

Camacho began striking the mother, and Strong joined in, grabbing his mother by her neck and throwing her to the ground, where he continued the assault.

Another woman who was in the house at the time intervened, and Strong struck her in the chest, according to the WPSO.

Strong then retrieved a cast iron frying pan from the sink and threw it at his mother, striking her in the head.

The other woman told Strong and Comacho that she was leaving to call the police, at which point the pair fled into the woods, according to the WPSO.

Both were arrested without incident.

Strong’s mother was diagnosed with severe injuries and transferred to a hospital in New Orleans for treatment, while the other woman was treated and released for her injuries, according to the WPSO.

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