Victim's mother feels 'betrayed' after teacher allegedly had sex with student
Kathryn Hagan

By Deanna Allbrittin, WXIN

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- (WXIN) -- The mother of a Franklin Central High School student is speaking out about a teacher who is accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with her son.

"It’s an extreme betrayal," said the Franklin Township mother whose initial report led to the IMPD sex crimes investigation. "I’m very disappointed. I’m angry and I’m hurt that it got to this point."

She says after finding evidence of a possible inappropriate relationship between her son and his former algebra teacher, Kathryn Hagan, she immediately went to the Franklin Township Community School Corporation. The district says authorities were contacted immediately and they suspended Hagan.

That was April 7. The mother says it felt like it took forever for Hagan to be charged.

"I feel like it took quite a long time, but now reading the probable cause, I see why it took so long," said the mother. "There’s a lot more involved than what I initially had known. There’s a lot more involved than what my son had known."

She had no idea there was a lot more going on with Hagan and other students than just a possible sexual relationship with her son.

Hagan is facing charges of conspiracy to commit robbery while armed with a deadly weapon, two counts of child seduction, dangerous control of a firearm (providing a firearm to a child) and dealing in a schedule IV controlled substance.

“Last night, when I read the charges I was physically sick. It physically made me ill to read that and know just based on the charges, what possibly could have gone on. And then today to read the probable cause affidavit, it was very emotional for us,” the mother said.

Court documents show in one text, Hagan asked the woman’s son to call in sick to school and meet up at her house for the day. In other texts, she repeatedly calls him “cute” and “super hot.”

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