Student accused of killing puppy receives probation, community service
Luke Stribling

By Nadeen Yanes and Emilee Speck, WKMG

ORLANDO, Fla. -- (WKMG) -- A former University of Central Florida student accused of beating a puppy to death will serve probation and donate to an animal charity as punishment.

Luke Stribling was arrested last year after investigators said he admitted to punching the puppy when it soiled his apartment.

Stribling’s mother, father and his girlfriend testified Tuesday that Stribling loved the dog and was devastated when the animal died.

"I know that he is incredibly remorseful for what happened," Jade Deatherege, Stribling's girlfriend, said. "There are some nights he can't sleep or he will have a dream about Julian. It's not something that leaves his mind, ever."

The state argued that it did not matter how much he cared about the dog; Stribling still killed the animal.

As part of his punishment, Stribling is not allowed to have any pets. "Not even a goldfish," the judge said during the hearing.

“This is a tough case Mr. Stribling,” Marques said. “Shiba inu are wonderful dogs. They really are. They are loving, like most puppies. They are lively and require a lot of time and attention.”

Stribling expressed remorse when he addressed the court.

“I take full responsibility for that and I accept what punishment is deemed necessary ... I'd like to continue my work and education and continue to grow and mature and become a better citizen of my community,” he said.

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