Woman accused of lying about rape to appear in courtroom
Nikki Yovino

By Margaux Farrell, WTIC

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- (WTIC) -- A New York woman accused of lying about being sexually assaulted by two Sacred Heart University athletes is expected to appear before a judge at Bridgeport Superior Court Monday.

Nikki Yovino is charged with filing a false police report and tampering with evidence. Her arrest warrant details an investigation that spanned over two months.

Police say Yovino made up a story that she was raped by two male students at an off campus party in Bridgeport in October 2016.

Yovino is said to have changed her story for fear of a third student losing romantic interest in her after learning she had sex with two other students.

The accused students told police they had consensual sex with Yovino. They were initially suspended, and one, a football player, chose to withdraw from the university and give up his athletic scholarship.

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