Man accused of sex trafficking minors with mother and wife
Zerrell Fuentes, Tanya Fuentes, and Brianna Wright were indicted by a grand jury after they were accused of sex trafficking minors to Myrtle Beach.

By Blake Hanson, WSOC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- (WSOC) -- A grand jury has indicted a man, his wife and his mother after they were accused of sex trafficking minors to Myrtle Beach.

A federal judge read the allegations against Brianna Wright and Tanya Fuentes Monday in court. The two were arrested Friday. They are accused of helping Tanya's son and Brianna's husband, Zerrell Fuentes, pay bond by using money made by prostituting three minors.

Jail records show that Zerrell Fuentes was booked April 28, 2016, on hit-and-run, gun and drug charges.

The grand jury indictment revealed that over the next couple of weeks, he used the phone at the jail to recruit young girls to have sex and make money for him to post bond.

Federal investigators said Tanya Fuentes and Wright took the girls to Myrtle Beach for prostitution.

Channel 9 found Wright's Facebook page, on which she appeared to have posted about the federal investigation before her arrest on Friday.

She posted: "Woke up to find out the Feds just really picked up my case."

Hannah Arrowood of Present Age Ministries, which works with local and federal law enforcement and counsels survivors of sex trafficking, said it's a long recovery process for girls who have gone through it.

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