A Texas neurosurgeon earned the nickname of "Doctor Death" in the headlines.

Ana Garcia has the story from outside Dallas with the story that will not only shock you -- it will also make you angry.

You go to the hospital to get better, but several patients treated by Dr. Cristopher Duntsch actually got worse after seeing him -- and two of them never made it out alive.

We trust our doctors to do whatever they can to help us heal. But today we have a story of a neurosurgeon who not only broke that trust, but what he did was also criminal.

Many people are wondering how could Dr. Christopher Duntsch practice as long as he did without being stopped, and they wonder if the hospitals covering up his misdeeds.

This conviction marks the first known case of a successful criminal conviction against a doctor for his actions in the course of his work.

Prosecutors say Duntsch was fueled by greed, because along with his base salary of $600,000 a year, he stood to profit-share on some of the revenue that he generated.

His father spoke at sentencing, saying his son's actions were the result of misplaced pride.