Mother finds baby dead at daycare, says he was bitten
Korey Brown

By Michael Dupre, WXMI

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- (WXMI) -- A mother who found her 1-year-old son dead when she went to pick him up from daycare on Friday says he had multiple bite marks and bruises on his body.

Bryanna Reasonover is the mother of that baby, Korey Brown. She is demanding answers about what happened at the daycare and how he died. She also says her baby was covered with bite marks and bruises when she went to get him.

“Bruises and bite marks on his face, bite marks on his fingers,” says Bryanna Reasonover. “It was bad. I found Korey in a Pack 'N Play, he was laying in there like he was asleep.”

Bryanna says she dropped off Korey and her 3 other children Thursday night at ‘Keysha’s Keepers’ daycare on the corner of Catherine Street in Muskegon.

“When his face rolled over he had all these bruises on the side of his face. And that’s when I said what’s wrong with my baby’s face," says Bryanna.

Bryanna says the ladies who work at the daycare had no idea anything was wrong with Korey. He reportedly never woke up and never regained consciousness. Bryanna says a doctor pronounced him dead later that morning at a hospital.

“It doesn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real to this day. It seems like a dream and I’m going to wake up and he’s going to be here,” says Bryanna.

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