Puppy thrown from third story window recovering with community's help
Callie suffered several injuries after being thrown from a third story window.

via WGN

CHICAGO -- (WGN) -- A community has come together after a dog was found severely injured in Chicago.

Fetching Tails Foundation, a rescue shelter in Illinois, initially posted about the dog, Callie, on Monday, saying the 10-month-old puppy had been “thrown from a third story window” during a domestic dispute.

Callie suffered several injuries, the rescue center said.

After several tests; X-rays, CT and blood work, she had her surgery this evening. She has a splint on her neck for 4 weeks, she had her fractured pelvis fixed and her fractured ribs should heal on her own.

Several subsequent posts gave updates on Callie’s progress as well as the outpouring of support she was receiving.

This included the owner of the Chicago Wolves covering her vet bill.

Thank you to all her rescuers who played a part in her rescue: Sgt Tews, Co-Founder Kristen, the vet staff at Veterinary Specialty Center, Don Levin owner of the Chicago Wolves for covering her vet bill and her foster home Kelly & Mike for taking her in their home.

Fetching Tails say the person responsible is facing misdemeanor charges and police are investigating.

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