UPDATE July 17, 2017: After spending nearly 30 years in prison as Michigan's longest-serving non-violent criminal, "White Boy Rick" Wershe was granted parole, reports WXYZ.

His name is Rick Wershe. He became known on the streets of Detroit as "White Boy Rick."

No one would have guessed that Wershe was a drug dealer. But the teenager managed to become a kingpin in Detroit's cocaine underworld.

However, the one thing no one knew about White Boy Rick is that he says he was working for the feds.

There is a new documentary about Rick Wershe called White Boy: The True Story of an Urban Legend.

There is also a big-screen film set to begin shooting in April, starring Matthew McConaughey as Wershe's father. The two reportedly met in prison a few weeks ago. The film's producer says he hopes Rick will be out of prison in time for the premiere.