In Florida, a wild scene unfolded at the performance center for the pro wrestling company WWE, and it was all caught on video.

Crime Watch Daily affiliate WKMG News 6 Orlando covered the story.

Outrageous behavior and over-the-top nuttiness: These are just some of the bizarre antics of wannabe wrestler Armando Montalvo, who caused a rant-filled ruckus at World Wrestling Entertainment's training facility in Orlando, Florida in August 2015.

Montalvo was desperately to get a wrestling job -- but he's also reportedly obsessed with now-retired WWE Diva AJ Lee.

Someone inside the training facility videotaped Montalvo's version of "Smackdown" at the front door.

Montalvo is well-known to WWE employees. Cops say he's been there before. So employees called Orange County, Florida sheriff's deputies, who raced to the scene.

Montalvo tears off his jacket and rushes them as if he's a wrestler in the ring. Officers shout at him to get on the ground, but he refuses their commands.

Montalvo refuses their commands. Then he picks up a couple of rocks. He charges like a bull...

The deputy retreats with his gun drawn. A surveillance camera on the building shows the deputy shooting Montalvo once in the chest.

Montalvo was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but he recovered.

Montalvo later pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, battery, resisting officer with violence and trespassing.

The wrestler wannabe was just recently arrested again, this time on battery charges, in a case unrelated to the WWE incident, causing the judge to revoke his previous bail.

Montalvo jumps out of his seat and interrupts the prosecutor. His lawyer says he has mental issues, but the judge ruled him competent to stand trial and denied him bond.

That prompted another outburst from Montalvo.

"I got shot by the police, I got shot by the police, I got shot by the police. I am the victim!" he shouted.

For now Montalvo remains in jail with no bond as he awaits his trial. The wild video is sure to be played for the jury, where Montalvo's guns proved to be no match for cops' bullets.