Man behind the case sits down for the first time to reveal how Papini is coping

LOS ANGELES -- (CWD) --- Only Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen sits down for the first time with the anonymous donor who offered reward money in the headline-making kidnapping case of Sherri Papini, as he reveals how he got involved, his thoughts on what he thinks happened, and how Papini is coping since being found beaten and chained on the side of the road last Thanksgiving Day.

He says, "She's having a tough time. She can't be around any strangers. She's seeing some counselors a couple of times a week and she is just struggling."

The donor, who had never met the Papini family prior to Sherri’s capture, helped front the money that hostage negotiator Cameron Gamble used to entice Papini’s captors to release her.

Papini was eventually found 24 hours after Gamble and the donor had upped the ransom amount from $50,000 to $100,000.