Garth Rector was a handsome high school wrestling coach, recently separated from his wife, but wildly popular. Was Garth maybe just a little too popular for his own good?

Family and friends say the 48-year-old was living alone in a small rented house in Muncie, Indiana going through, what they call, a midlife crisis.

Tragically Garth Rector walked into what he thought was his empty house with a bag of groceries in one hand, a soda in the other on March 21, 2008. Someone was waiting for him with a gun.

Garth was shot five times in his kitchen. Garth's landlord found his body. And when cops arrived they found a puzzling scene.

Finding out who pulled the trigger in the brutal execution-style killing will be no easy task.

Is it a case of or a robbery gone terribly wrong? Or could it be jealous revenge?

This year would Garth Rector would have been 57 years old. Sadly his family is spending it not celebrating but rather wondering who would shot him dead inside the Indiana home he was renting.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Garth Rector's killer or killers. You can submit an anonymous tip to Muncie Crime Stoppers hotline at (765) 286-4050.