Ex-priest accused of misusing church funds to pay for male prostitute, drugs, house

His parishioners looked at Father Peter Miqueli as the shepherd of their flock. Now he's called a wolf in sheep's clothing and a dog collar.

Miqueli is accused in a civil lawsuit of partaking in unholy communion with a secret "boy toy" prostitute he allegedly paid from a slush fund of more than a million dollars, allegedly stolen from plate offerings and parish bank accounts -- all allegations Father Miqueli denies.

The former priest is now accused in a civil lawsuit of paying for the pleasure of his sex master's services with money he was allegedly stealing from the offering plates and bank accounts of his New York parish, as well as a $250,000 vacation home on the Jersey Shore, allegedly with an S&M dungeon, said to have been bought with cash.

Father Peter Miqueli was allegedly being tortured and humiliated to the height of ecstasy by his male prostitute, Keith Crist. Until Crist's live-in girlfriend, a stripper named Tatyana Gudin, confessed to all father Miqueli's sins.

Gudin says she chose to send several emails to the head of the New York Archdiocese Cardinal Timothy Dolan, culminating in one long detailed letter revealing everything she knew about the priest's alleged crimes and sins.

Roosevelt Island parishioner and reporter Linda Heimer finally had enough information from the letter, as well as her own investigation, to co-write four stories about the scandal.

That was enough proof for 14 parishioners from both the Bronx and Roosevelt Island to file a civil lawsuit against Father Miqueli alleging negligent conduct and malfeasance of more than a million dollars of church funds -- all of which Father Miqueli denies.

Miqueli resigned from his post in the Bronx shortly after the lawsuit was filed.

Keith Crist has not responded to our numerous requests for comment, but his dad says Gudin's allegations against his son are false.

We reached out to the New York Archdiocese. They have taken action saying: "Father Miqueli does not have an assignment at this time. His case is in the hands of the district attorney."

Patrice O’Shaughnessy, from the Office of the Bronx District Attorney, tells Crime Watch Daily: "The lawsuit is a civil matter so we would not have any comment on it. The investigation is still open. There are no court dates or hearings coming up since he is not charged with anything."

The Bronx D.A’s Office said they are conducting a criminal investigation.