It was supposed to be one of Dennis Sloboda's happiest days ever. The new father rushing to the hospital to see his newborn son. But sadly that drive to the hospital would be cut short on Sept. 26.

An apparent victim of murder leaves a beautiful new mother a widow. It happened when Irina Sloboda was with her newborn son in the neonatal intensive care unit.

She was frantically texting her husband -- but no answer. Something was horribly wrong. Irina's husband Dennis was found shot to death in his silver Lexus along a dark highway in Seattle, Washington.

Now Anton Sloboda, Dennis's brother, is helping police build a timeline of the tragic night, saying his brother told him about a confrontation he had after cutting off the other driver.

Anton says the enraged driver then followed Dennis home. He says he witnessed the unidentified driver loitering near a strip mall across the street.

Surveillance video shows the suspects dark colored car pulling into the parking lot.

Anton saw the suspect and described him as an Asian man stalking his brother.

The brothers waited inside the house for an hour, hoping the man would leave. When they thought the coast was clear, Dennis got in his car and drove to the hospital to see his newborn son.

But he didn't make it. Less than half an hour later officers found Dennis's bullet-riddled body in his car.

While the investigation continues, the Sloboda family and Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound are offering a $4,000 reward to anyone who can help identify the killer. You can also go to our website at with any tips.