A couple that was fire and ice, loving and fighting each other with the same intensity. When one of them ends up dead, police have to decide if it was a crime of passion or rather an act of self defense.

A drunken night with friends turns tragic. Kuston Johnson died in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Sept. 10, 2015. Was it self-defense? Or did a social media post show something more sinister?

Kaylee Whitehall doesn't dispute that she was holding the knife that stabbed her on-again-off-again boyfriend, but what is up for debate is what happened in the moments leading up to the deadly stabbing. In an emotional video, Whitehall returns to the scene of the alleged crime and relives it moment by moment.

Kaylee Whitehall goes on trial for the stabbing death of her boyfriend. She says it was an accident, the result of a physical fight gone horribly wrong. But prosecutors believe it was intentional.

The trial lasted three days. The verdict came in three hours. Whitehall was sentenced for reckless homicide in the state penitentiary to a term of four years. Part of Whitehall's sentence includes parole eligibility after serving 15 percent of the four-year sentence, meaning she will be up for parole near the end of March.