Outside Chicago, an animal lover who worked at a dog kennel fails to show up for work. Worried, her coworkers head over to her house, only to find a gruesome scene.

It's about 10:30 a.m. on Friday, May 9, 2014, in South Holland, Illinois, when Samantha makes a horrific discovery at the apartment of her friend and co-worker Rachel Galbreath.

"She was holding her stomach, lying face down and there was blood everywhere," said Samantha.

Rachel Galbreath, 33, her best friend lying dead in a pool of blood on her living room floor. A terrified Samantha calls 911.

The horrific news of Rachel's death utterly stuns her family and friends who even now can barely come to grips with her sudden loss.

To this day police are not revealing many details about the investigation - but they say that whoever killed Rachel was possibly someone she knew.

Her family and friends say they are certain that the killer is someone who had spent a lot of time around her in the building and was no stranger to her dogs, who were extremely protective of Rachel -- maybe someone she trusted, but who was filled with incomprehensible rage, according to her sisters.

Rachel had been hit more than 20 times in the head with a blunt object. Police believe it was someone who suddenly and brutally attacked her from behind without warning.

"Whoever did it came from behind, which I think says a lot, because if she would been facing him she would've killed him. Rachel wasn't a weak girl. She was trained in martial arts," said Rachel's sister Sarah Fuller.

And in the wake of her death they say they get plenty of strange reactions from some of those same people who spent a lot of time near Rachel's apartment. Like her neighbor also living in the duplex apartment building, or Rachel's landlord himself.

Both the landlord and the neighbor deny having anything to do with Rachel's murder, and neither has ever been named a suspect.

Now Rachel's family wants to know more about Rachel's on-again-off-again boyfriend Jason. Friends say Rachel and Jason lived together on and off for at least eight years, sometimes as a couple and other times as roommates and friends.

But even when they were just friends, her sister says things got pretty scary for Rachel, like the night she went on a date with another guy.

"He was dropping he off at home. Jason apparently had gone outside, banging on the car window, yelling at this guy," said Sarah Fuller. "That night I guess she had woken up in the middle of the night with him on top of her holding her down. It was enough to really scare anybody."

They say she kicked him out of the apartment only weeks before she was killed, after finding out that he had been seeing another woman for years. And not only that they say she was shocked to learn that he was engaged to that same woman while living with Rachel.

And about two months after Rachel's death, Jason got married. Then comes one of the biggest bombshells. Despite being married to another woman, it's revealed Jason is the sole beneficiary of Rachel's life insurance policy.

"I did not even know there was insurance policy," said Rachel's sister Kelsey Richards.

"We just found it very convenient that it was instated April 1st, she was killed May 9th, so it was after the 30 days of having it active, and it was for a decent chunk of change between $100- and $200,000," said Sarah Fuller.

Despite what Rachel's family says, Jason has never been named a suspect, and South Holland Police Chief Greg Baker has no comment on any of Jason's alleged actions or words before or after the murder.

Crime Watch Daily tracked down Jason, hoping to get his side of the story.

"My lawyer told me not to say anything," said Jason. "If I did [know anything], I would have told the police by now."

Jason's attorney Alison Motta also posted on Twitter two months after Rachel's murder saying: "South Holland PD rush to judgment & fail to fully investigate Galbreath murder. Real killer will likely never be found & no arrest ever made."

She did not return our calls to explain that comment.

But Rachel's family says they will never give up until that prediction is proven wrong.

If you have any information about the murder of Rachel Galbreath, contact the South Holland Police Department at (708) 331-3131.