Defense seeks dismissal of all charges against Melodie Gliniewicz

via WGN:

WAUKEGAN, IL -- (WGN) -- The widow of disgraced former Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniwiecz appeared in court today, as her attorneys seek to have all charges against her dropped.

Melodie Gliniewicz is facing money laundering and conspiracy charges. She is set to go on trial sometime early next year.

But her attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss all charges against her.

She appeared today at the Lake County courthouse, surrounded by her lawyers.

Melodie Gliniewicz is accused of illegally siphoning money out of the Fox Lake Explorer program for youths, a program that is said to have been managed and administered by her late husband.

Investigators say Joe Gliniewicz, a longtime Fox Lake Police commander, killed himself because city officials were beginning to unravel his illegal use of those Explorer funds.

In a 22-page filing, lawyers for Melodie Gliniewicz assert that she had no fiduciary or financial oversight responsibilities over the Explorer program before March 2015, when much of the alleged illegal activity is said to have taken place.

Her late husband allegedly transferred $4,000 away from an Explorer fund to a newly formed checking account, only then making Melodie Gliniewicz a signatory to the new account, according to her lawyers.

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