UPDATE September 20, 2018:

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld the murder convictions and life without parole sentences of a man in the stabbing death of a pregnant woman, KFOR reports.

The court on Thursday rejected appeals by 36-year-old Joseph Cyr in the deaths of 25-year-old Jaymie Adams and her unborn baby.

November 15, 2016:

A Craigslist encounter in Oklahoma City ends in murder. A pregnant woman goes to McDonald's and vanishes into thin air. Where is Jaymie Adams? Jaymie's husband Justin Adams makes a tearful plea for her return.

But Jaymie would never see that TV report. She was already dead. Her mutilated body was found a month later on a dirt-bike track in a remote field. Twenty-nine stab wounds ended the life of Jaymie, who was two months pregnant, and her unborn child.

Justin Adams reportedly told cops Jaymie went out that night to meet a friend. Investigators say that friend was a "john." Jaymie was a prostitute. Prosecutors say Jaymie advertised on Craigslist to find her customers.

Her mother-in-law tells Crime Watch Daily Oklahoma City Affiliate KFOR that she wasn't surprised.

"Jaymie done it before she met my son, and they fell on hard, times so Jaymie fell back to the only thing she knew. A single mom trying to feed her kids," said Tina Clark.

And as it turns out Jaymie's pimp was her own husband -- and, cops believed, her killer. Justin Adams was soon charged with murder.

"My son's guilty of loving his wife, not murder," said Tina Clark, Jaymie's mother-in-law.

Justin Adams denied it. His defense team says there was no physical evidence tying him to Jaymie's killing. Justin was eventually released from jail and the murder charges were dropped.

Private investigator Dana Reyna collected evidence for Adams's defense.

"I do believe that her lifestyle, and the lifestyle that Justin had gone along with, ultimately resulted in her death," said Reyna.

"Keep in mind that they filed a murder charge," said Irven Box, Adams's attorney. "They say 'We have the guy that killed Jaymie Adams, we have the guy that took her out and cut her up and mutilated her body,' and all along they were totally wrong."

So if Justin Adams didn't do it. Who did?

During the investigation detectives say Justin Adams posted a shocking ad on Craigslist: "I am letting any willing man come and have his way with my wife with a little compensation for us to help with our holiday funding."

Apparently they found that willing man: a "john" named Joseph Cyr.

"I think he's a 'Craigslist killer,'" said Irven Box. "This guy is crazy, and I think it's scary that he's been out actually free all this time."

Investigators say cellphone records tie Cyr to the timeline of Jaymie's death. They say his phone "pinged" a cell tower in the area where Jaymie's van was found.

Cyr was charged with her murder. He denied he did it. Though investigators found his DNA on her body, there was no blood or other physical evidence linking him to the crime.

Justin testified, admitting he pimped her out. But he said he regrets what they did.

The trial went quickly, and so did the deliberations. After seven hours the jury delivered its verdict: "The defendant [Cyr] is guilty with fixed punishment set at life without the possibility of parole."

Joseph Cyr showed no emotion as he learned his fate. He was also convicted of the murder of Jaymie's unborn child. Bailiffs cuffed Cyr and took him away

"There was a wealth of information we presented them," said prosecutor Jimmy Harmon. "A ton of information to the extent I've never seen in a single case, and for them to go through that, I think they did so diligently."

The D.A. eventually charged Jaymie's husband Justin with first-degree manslaughter because of his involvement in her lifestyle.

Justin pleaded guilty and received two 10-year suspended sentences. His mother says his real sentence will be much longer. He will live with guilt for the rest of his life.

"He said 'I'm gonna have a felony, I'm gonna have to live with Jaymie being gone,' and he said 'One day I'm gonna have to tell that boy about his mother,'" said mother-in-law Tina Clark.