ACLU backs teen's lawsuit against county over 'suggestive' photos
WHO - "'It’s a violation of the first amendment for the prosecutor to threaten to bring charges for protected speech and expression,' said ACLU Legal Director Rita Bettis."

via WHO:

MARION COUNTY, Ia. -- (WHO) -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa is coming to the defense of a 14 year-old girl caught up in a series of sexting cases involving Knoxville High School Students.

The ACLU says the girl sent photos of herself to a boy, who in turn, leaked them to his friends.

The ACLU now says the Marion County Attorney, Ed Bull, has threatened to file child pornography charges against the girl, identified as “Nancy Doe”.

The ACLU describes the pictures as the girl with a sports bra on and shorts, and a second photograph without the bra, but with the girl’s hair covering her breasts.

According to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, the ACLU claims that if prosecuted for sending pictures described as no worse than “what you’d see in swimsuit ads” it would be unconstitutional.

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