Accused 'Snapchat murderer' transferred to adult court
Shelby County Sheriff's Office
Sebastian Vaughn

via WMC:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- (WMC) -- The teenager accused of shooting and killing a man in the parking lot of IHOP was transferred to adult court.

Sebastian Vaughn, 16, is accused of murdering Marlo Williams, 35, and then sending a photo of the murder to multiple people on Snapchat in June.

Officers found Williams unresponsive and bleeding in the driver’s seat of his car at the IHOP on Sycamore View Road. First responders pronounced Williams dead at the scene.

Vaughn was arrested and gave a statement admitting he and the victim were meeting for a drug transaction, according to court records.

Vaughn's attorney Steve Farese said Vaughn did not take and send the photo that was shared on Snapchat.

"We have a witness and the police have interviewed this witness that says he took the picture of the defendant in the case," Farese said.

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