Source: City of Madera Police Dept. Facebook page

via KMPH:

MADERA, Calif. -- (KMPH) -- A Madera Police Officer and a civilian ride-a-long were not hurt when a person opened fire on them from the window during a chase.

The department says this is what happened:

On October 23, 2016, at 0434 hours a Madera Police Officer attempted to make an enforcement stop on a Mazda SUV traveling west on Howard Road at Schnoor Avenue. The vehicle failed to stop and led the officer on pursuit. When the pursuit turned onto Lighthouse Drive from Mainberry, the front passenger pointed a firearm out the window and fired approximately nine (9) rounds at the officer’s vehicle. The officer continued to pursue the Mazda and the passenger fired four more rounds at the vehicle as it approached Shannon Avenue. The police vehicle was struck by three rounds, two of them through the windshield narrowly missing the officer and civilian ride along who was riding in the passenger seat. The officer’s vehicle was disabled during the pursuit causing the officer to terminate.

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