We'd like to honor a Good Samaritan in Denver who risked his life to save another.

Security cameras captured the scary scene: A woman is frantically knocking on random doors trying to escape a man attacking her. You can see the gun in his hand.

As the suspect picks up the woman and tries to escape, the homeowner, a former paratrooper and current paramedic named Brian Geer, chases after him.

"I ran towards him. Not sure what I was thinking at this point except she was in trouble," said Geer. "I didn't knock the gun out of his hand and that's when I was shot."

The suspect, Jesus Garcia-Chavez, takes off, leaving his two victims behind. He was caught days later.

Geer is now facing months of rehabilitation after being shot in the hip -- but he still says it's all worth it in the end.

"She's gonna heal, I'm gonna heal, he's put away -- right now I'm pretty happy the way things turned out," said Geer.

And the community is pretty happy with his actions as well, helping raise more than $13,000 to help pay Geer's medical bills.