A 10-year-old girl answers a phone call from total stranger. Hours later, she was gone. Who was on the other end of that call?

Investigators are hoping a new key piece of evidence will help them solve this haunting mystery.

Amy Mihaljevic was a bright, happy, adorable tomboy. The fourth-grader lived with her parents and older brother in the peaceful lakeside town of Bay Village, Ohio. But her life took a disastrous turn just before Halloween of 1989, starting with what seemed to be an innocent phone call. On the line was a man claiming to be a co-worker of Amy's mom, and he needed the girl's help planning a surprise.

She agrees to meet her new friend at Bay Square, a shopping center just a block from her school. That was the last time Amy was seen alive.

A filthy rag could be the breakthrough in a heartbreaking unsolved crime. Hidden deep in its folds and fibers is telltale evidence of an abduction, an assault and a 10-year-old's brutal murder.

One of the FBI's top agents tells Crime Watch Daily he thinks it holds the clue to the place Amy Mihaljevic was brutalized and bled out, and gives a glimpse into the sick mind of the man who killed her.

Phil Torsney is an FBI legend, capturing some of the most dangerous felons on the feds' most-wanted list, like notorious mob boss Whitey Bulger and fugitive wife-killer Yazeed Essa.

But there is one case Torsney didn't crack: The kidnapping and murder of Amy Mihaljevic, a crime that's haunted the veteran agent for years.

Now Torsney has returned to Mihaljevic's home town to unlock the mystery of her murder. And he says an ragged old curtain is the key.

Journalist James Renner compiled a roll call of who he calls likely suspects. He tells Crime Watch Daily there's one guy he believes should be at the top of the list.

Anyone with information related to the case is asked to contact Bay Village Police at (440) 871-1234 or bvpd@cityofbayvillage.com. A $50,000 reward is being offered if your information leads to the conviction of the person responsible for this crime.
You can also contact the FBI: Please reference abductor case tip #2166226842.