Joshua Colon, a plumber from New York City, just drove more than 50 miles in the rain to have sex with a girl he thinks is 12 years old.

Colon likes to be called "Papi," Latin slang for "Daddy."

Colon, at 32, is old enough to be the girl's father. He lives in Queens and works for a plumbing company in Brooklyn. Besides "Papi," he likes to be called "Boss." His profile on The Link App shows he belongs to groups like "Kush Smokers R Us," and "Love Seekers," a site for teens.

An online predator-watchdog group called Tetrad Core set up the sting in cooperation with the Fairfield Connecticut Police Dept. On social media Tetrad Core posts a picture of a 12-year-old girl. We're protecting her real identity.

Colon makes the first contact and after some innocent chat, he sends some sexually charged texts and even makes a bizarre proposal no adult should ever make to a 12-year-old.

After she tells him her mom is going out of town, Colon reveals his fear of getting caught.

When he arrives, Colon is carrying an overnight bag as he walks to the back door. The onsite decoy, a 19-year-old theater student who could pass for a pre-teen, invites him inside. He locks the door behind him.

The Fairfield cops are prepared for any possibility.

"Papi" doesn't know it, but he's about to get a shocking surprise.

Joshua Colon, 32, thinks he's going to nibble on cupcakes and cuddle with a 12-year-old girl. But when he comes out of the bathroom and sees the actual set-up, he's about to lose his lunch.

Joshua Colon didn't try to offer up any stories. In fact he seems almost too happy to reveal his bad intentions. After he was caught, Fairfield police officers arrest him.

After he's fingerprinted and photographed, he makes a stunning announcement: He'll spill his guts to detectives. He's waived his right to remain silent.

And what he says will shock you.

Colon's bond is eventually set at $125,000, and he bails out.

Colon pleads guilty to three felony charges: Attempted second-degree sexual assault, attempt risk of injury to a minor, and attempting to entice a minor by computer.

Colon is sentenced to seven years in prison, suspended after serving three, and he must register as a sex offender.