From pedophiles to predatory teachers to financial scammers, we're going after them all this season.

Our first sting involves a sex predator. Today, social media has created a whole new breed of criminals, and it's made it way easier to target children and lure them in.

Even after I helped catch more than 300 child predators, the creeps haven't learned their lesson. All over the country pedophiles are still trying to lure in young kids. And in today's case of a guy named "Stephen," even the most seasoned sex crimes detectives were shocked at what our sting uncovered.

"Stephen" was looking to have sex with a 13-year-old girl. Instead, he had a date with me, and the Fairfield, Connecticut Police Department.

And while I've been in on hundreds of busts just like this, I don't think anyone was prepared for how this one ends.