Half-brother of Uber-shooting survivor shot dead
Tiana Carruthers/Facebook
Tiana Carruthers wrote of her loss, "I don't believe it this can't be true my only brother is dead..."

via WXMI:

HOLLAND, Mich. -- (WXMI) -- The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a man was found shot dead in the parking lot of a business early Sunday morning.

Authorities identified the victim Sunday afternoon as Anthony Lamb, 22, of Muskegon.

Capt. John Wolffis told FOX 17 that Lamb is the half-brother of Tiana Carruthers, who was wounded but survived the Feb. 20 killing spree of Jason Dalton in Kalamazoo. Wolffis said a witness to the shooting told detectives that Lamb and Carruthers have the same father.

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