Legendary predator hunter returns with all-new series 'Hansen vs. Predator' on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Emmy®-Winning Investigative Journalist Confronts Men Preying on Girls and Boys as Young as 12

LOS ANGELES -- (CWD) -- Chris Hansen makes his long awaited return to catching child predators with his new segment “Hansen vs. Predator” on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen.

Since we last saw him, Hansen has taken on a new breed of predators, ones that use social media to lure children as young as 12 for sex. In no-holds-barred confrontations, Hansen reads back the lurid texts and social media messages predators used to lure their potential victims.

In its first, and perhaps most shocking segment, viewers will see Hansen confront Stephen Buchanan, an aspiring police officer, with his texts that read, “You know your gonna shower with me Thursday night.” In a bone chilling twist, viewers will also discover the horrifying contents of Buchanan’s trunk the night he intended to meet his intended 13-year-old target, not realizing that he had been communicating with a decoy.

Take a seat and tune in to Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen for its season two premiere on Monday, September 12.

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