Police seeking identities of three people involved

Video credit: ABC World News Tonight

By Stacey Readout, WKMG

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- (WKMG) -- Gainesville police arrested one man and are seeking the identities of three other people involved in a road rage incident that was caught on surveillance camera.

It occurred at the Chevron gas station on SW 34th Street at University Boulevard.

Police said the victim was driving north on 34th Street when the driver of a black pick-up truck cut him off.

The victim then honked his horn and the people inside the pick-up began yelling at him and threw a beer can into his car.

The victim pulled over at a gas station and the pick-up truck driver followed him.

Police identified the pick-up truck driver as 30-year-old Jacob Sylvester. They said he and another male passenger got out of the truck and punched the victim.

During the confrontation, a woman got out of the pick-up truck with a pistol and began pointing it at the victim.

Sylvester got the gun out of her hand and pushed her back toward the truck, police said.

As the suspects prepared to leave, the victim tried to take a photograph of the vehicle with his cellphone.

Sylvester and the other male passenger got out of the truck again and began to hit the victim and take the phone out of his hand to keep him from taking pictures, police said.

Sylvester briefly took the victim's phone and tossed it aside before leaving, according to the Gainesville Police Department.

The surveillance video released by the Gainesville Police Department was only 20 seconds long and did not show the entire confrontation.

Sylvester's truck had his business name on it and he was arrested at his home.

Police said he refused to identify anyone else in his truck.

If you have information on their identities, call Detective Mullins at 352-393-7619.

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