Warning: Some images are graphic.

A woman was duct-taped, beaten and sexually assaulted in her own home in Newport Beach. Today she's talking about that attack and revealing why she thinks the suspect picked her as his victim.

Karen Sommers she says she came home from the gym to find a stranger inside her home.

Crime Watch Daily Los Angeles affiliate KTLA reports the attacker got in through an unlocked door, and strangely knew Sommers's name.

He then forced her to the ground where he duct-taped her hands and mouth and shoved her into the bedroom where he sexually assaulted her.

Court records say the reason he did not rape her is because he broke his hand during the attack.

The attacker was a mechanic who worked on her car at the dealership where Sommers bought and serviced her Mercedes-Benz.

Sommers claims that's how Travis Batten was able to track her down, by looking up her information in the dealer's computer records.

And it's not the only time the 23-year-old sexually attacked a woman. A year later, he ambushed and raped a college student as she got out of the shower.

Batten was charged with both assaults and was convicted on seven counts including forcible rape, sexual penetration by force, and sodomy.

Now Karen Sommers is suing the Fletcher Jones car dealership for negligence, saying they did not protect her personal information.

Crime Watch Daily contacted the dealership for comment, who issued a statement: "The company cannot comment on active litigation."

According to court records, Fletcher Jones conducted a criminal background check on Batten before they hired him, but found nothing.

Meanwhile, the mechanic will no longer be a menace to innocent women. The judge sentenced him to 107 years in prison.