Largest U.S. cities with highest murder rates

It's not a statistic any city wants to be tagged with: murders up by 72 percent. But it's a reality for the city of Chicago this year.

In today's Heat Map, we look at the nation's biggest cities with the highest murder rates according to recently released data.

And even though Chicago has the most murders of any city in the country, it comes in at number five of the list of homicides per 100,000 people.

Number 4 on that list: Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Number 3: Washington, D.C., and what's troubling is the murder rate jumped 51 percent in a year.

Number 2: Detroit, Michigan, the good news here: the number of murders were down year to year.

The new Number 1 city, overtaking Detroit as the place with the highest murder rate in the country: Baltimore, Maryland, with homicides up 63 percent.

To see the other 25 cities on the list, visit The Brennan Center for Justice's Final Analysis of Crime in 2015.